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Version: v3


In case of errors in the BankID API or IDkollen API the status code of the response will be 4xx or 5xx.


The most common error, alreadyInProgress, occurs when a user initiates an authentication if there already is an ongoing authentication. In these cases both authentication requests will be cancelled.

Errors with status code 400 is expected during normal operation. More information or an error code can be found in the message property.

HTTP/2.0 400 Bad Request
"message": "alreadyInProgress"
alreadyInProgressAn authentication request is already in progress
invalidParametersWrong personal number or an orderRef that is no longer valid
startFailedFailed to start user BankID authentication

For more information, please refer to the BankID Relying Party Guidelines.

Besides status code 400, the following status codes can occur:

Status codeDescription
404The resource does not exist. Either it does not exist or it has expired
405Wrong method used (ex GET instead of POST)
500Internal server error (critical, should not occur during normal operation)
503Server not responding (critical, should not occur during normal operation)