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To retrieve the data from the response of the identification performed in the /login API, the verify endpoint is used.


GET /v2/{api-key}/fi/verify/{oneTimeCode}
oneTimeCodeThe oneTimeCode is the code that was retrieved from IDkollen through the callback when the end user authenticated him- or herself. See Login.


IDkollen will respond with HTTP status 200 for successful request, or 4xx/5xx on errors.

HTTP/2.0 200 OK
"ssn": "1111832494",
"name": "Buchra Hansen",
"givenName": "First name",
"surname": "Last name",
"birthDate": "11.11.1983",
"bankId": "mitid:a0d1ebe5-87f2-4f6c-a93d-055eby2be6b1",
"refID": "string reference"
ssnSocial Security Number.
nameThe name of the end user.
givenNameThe given name of the end user.
surnameThe surname of the end user.
birthDateThe birth date of the end user.
bankIdThe bankId used to perform identification.
refIDThe refID that was used in the request for get the loginLink (See Login).