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IDkollen provides a JSON/REST API for authenticating and signing with BankID.

The API is only accessible with SSL and a unique key provided by IDkollen. The key is private and should not be shared with a third party. The API should only be called from a server application, not directly from the client.

When signing up you will receive API keys for IDkollens staging and live environment.

EnvironmentURLCallback IPBankID environment

Usage flow

  1. The user initiates an authentication via the partner's interface.
  2. The partner calls IDkollen's API with the secret key to get to get the login link to BankID (FI).
  3. The partner sends the login link to the end user to use to authenticate themselves with.
  4. Once the end user has authenticated themselves, the user will be redirected to a redirect URL provided to IDkollen by you, with a one time code.
  5. The partner uses the one time code to verify the end user's credentials with IDkollen.
  6. IDkollen will respond with the end user's credentials.


There's an option to use what's called a "refID" in the flow that's presented in this documentation. "refID" is a string reference that can be used the keep track of meta information. To make this option available, please contact our support.

Test users

The following test users are available:

User nameBank

Secret key

To initiate requests to the API a secret key is needed. To request a secret key, contact

More information

If you have any questions, please contact us at