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Version: v2


The /auth API is used to authenticate a user with BankID.

"ipAddress": "",
"callbackUrl": "https://partner.url/idkollen/response",
"refID": "12398698",
"allowFingerprint": true,
"enableQR": true,
"secretKey": "123456",
"intent": "Intention text",
"orgNumber": "559000-0948"
ipAddressYesThe IP-address of the end user, or as close to the end user as possible.
callbackUrlNoThe URL to where IDkollen will send the callback on successful or failed requests. Not required when using /collect to check status. The callbackUrl can also be set on account level for increased security.
allowFingerprintNoAllow user to authenticate with fingerprint or face recognition in BankID app. (Default value: true)
refIDNoReference ID which will be returned in the callback or collect.
secretKeyYesSecret key to be used for increased security. Provided by IDkollen.
enableQRNoSet to true returns qrStartToken and qrStartSecret for animated QR-codes.
intentNoText to be displayed in the users BankID app during authentication, for purposes of adding an intention for requesting the authentication. Max 1500 characters after base64. Formatting options can be found here:
orgNumberNoOrganizational number, 11 digits. Used to perform checks for company signatory. To enable this feature, contact IDkollen.

IDkollen will respond with HTTP status 201 for successful request, or 4xx/5xx on errors. For more information about errors, please see the Errors section.

HTTP/2.0 201 Created
"orderRef": "3e128b66-58c3-42a9-96fa-88fefeb113ab",
"autoStartToken": "6684fdd6-8935-4e12-8f71-95ac453d1fe0",
"qrStartToken": "bf9d9019-e01a-4fd1-a708-1e79e13346f1",
"qrStartSecret": "077c2389-b530-49b7-a2ee-dc38af98cffb"
orderRefBankID reference number, can be used to collect response.
autoStartTokenA token used to launch the BankID app on the same device. See
qrStartTokenA token used, in combination with the qrStartSecret, to generate an animated QR code to authenticate using BankID on another device. See
qrStartSecretUsed to animate the QR code.