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Version: v2


IDkollen will POST the result to the url supplied as callbackUrl in the request. This endpoint should respond with HTTP status 204 on success, or 4xx/5xx on errors. To be able to accept callbacks you need to accept requests over HTTPS from our IP addresses.

POST https://partner.url/idkollen/response (from callbackUrl)
"result": "completed",
"orderRef": "1668b9da-bff1-4dfc-ad48-60507b5a8d12",
"pno": "191234567890",
"name": "Firstname Lastname",
"checksum": "995fe60eae4812e45628ae42e164b580",
"certStartDate": "2020-01-01",
"refID": "1234567",
"givenName": "Firstname",
"surname": "Lastname"

You can use the checksum property to verify the callback. This property will contain an md5 hash of api-key:pno. (Ex: 23194ad3-bc98-4e72-a37c-f9670899490e:191234567890)

The result property will be completed on successful authentication, or an error code if any error occurs or the request is cancelled. Possible values for result in the callback response:

completedSuccessful authentication or signing
cancelledThe request was cancelled by BankID
userCancelThe request was cancelled by the user
certificateErrUser certificate is expired or invalid
expiredTransactionThe request timeed out (time limit 3 minutes)
invalidParametersThe request has been cancelled or is invalid
errorAn error occured, see property message for more information

For more information, please refer to the hintCode values in the BankID Relying Party Guidelines.


Use and external service, for instance to test the flow before you have your own endpoint.